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Does The Ultimate Fix work on enhanced nails?


Can I really put socks on 15 minutes after a pedicure?

Just check it is dry to the touch and your nails will stay perfect. This is usually after 15 minutes, but please complete our ‘Need for Speed’ survey and let us know how you get on.

How safe is it? Does it matter if I get it on my skin?

Supersafe. The spray has been extensively tested and has passed a stringent toxicity test.  It is actually good if you get it onto your skin as you will be spraying from the right distance and covering all the enamel.

Can I use it with other top coats like Seche Vite?

The Ultimate Fix will work with any enamel or top coat, so YES it will work with Seche Vite.

Can I buy in a retail store?

You can now buy our 50ml size in that lovely shop on Oxford Street called Selfridges. If you look for us there, head for the 'beauty workshop' and then find the 'DIY table' which has smaller accessories on it. If you got this far it may be worth buying from our website :)


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