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Customer Testimonials

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Carol (Salon Owner)

My clients nails lasted 3 days chip free... let me tell you first what she did, ( I'm not impressed with my client ) as i explained to my client it was a new product, well she rail roaded the product ... set out to see what would make it chip.. and was not satisfied until it chipped..
1.  hands in and out of water and bleach cleaning kitchen, living room,  (with no gloves on to protect polish) - no chips 
2. hand in and out of water/bleach and floor cleaner, on her hands and knees cleaning the wood flooring.... (no gloves) - no chips
3. using her nails to scrape dirt from the floor.. no chips ( I cant believe she done this)
4. had a shower  using her nails to wash her hair.  no chips
5.  cleaned the bathroom with bathroom cleaner, (no gloves) - no chips
6. all household chores and there was no chips to the polish - no gloves used and her hands are in and out of buckets of water and detergents for cleaning 
until she used a metal scourer to clean a pot.....with no gloves on,, and ONLY 1 chipped.....
I think the look on my face kind of told her i was not impressed which what she set out to do with my nice manicure, ....  although she was very excited in telling me all that she did to see if they would chip... i got actions too... 
she did explain to me that when she applys polish herself it is all chipped right away when she starts cleaning........ and thinks the product is wonderful... 

Drew –

Problem: Many women like myself – rush out the door thinking their nails/feet are dry when actually they are only surface dry – so nail polish either smudges or peels…

Solution – the Ultimate Fix – no more agonizing over chipped or smudged nails -

The PERFECT answer for immaculate nails!

 The product is easy to use, has a lovely cooling effect and the perfume is divine….



Yin Lee – make-up artist - fashion/editorial/advertising

 The Ultimate Fix is great! It works very quickly –  really does what it says unlike other products of this ilk – the scent is wonderfully delicate – a joy to use!

Highly recommend!


Dominique (of 'Designs NW3' London)

This product effectively dries nail polish in minutes and for a busy working Mum like myself a perfect lunch time treat. Being in the fashion business I do not have to worry about oily stains on clothing either….

Well done for an amazing product


How did I manage without this product! A professional finish – because the nail varnish lasts far longer than normal, my nails look freshly manicured all the time whereas oil tends to leave a residue and dulls the polish.

A simple, easy solution for drying nail polish - with maximum benefits.


Being in my profession my nails have to look perfect all the time – this wonderful innovative spray has changed my life! My nails look perfect all the time and I have the option of changing my nail polish whenever I wish – totally hooked….

Love the scent….and the packaging is very eye catching…


Use this spray as directed and you will be ecstatic with the results I am always complimented on how fabulous my nails look – even after 14days –NO more Gel Nails for me

Even more fantastic – NO more cold feet in the winter – my freshly painted feet can step out the door in next to no time – now that’s IMPRESSIVE …

A gift every woman would love to receive



The product is really fantastic and miles better than the other product I have been using!  

·         Nail varnish lasts for at least a week and does not chip away. Unlike the other product where nail varnish starts to chip away after 3 days.

·         Nails feel stronger
·         The nail varnish keeps it shiny coat and does not fade out
·         It really does dry the nail varnish instantly (a little over a minute)
·         Smell pretty good too