For Best Results

For Best Results

The Ultimate Fix is the only non oily nail drying spray for use on all layers of nail polish

Directions for creating a Crystal Mirror finish in minutes:

  • a. Prepare nails as normal.
  • b. Apply base coat to either hands or feet.
  • c. Shake can well.
  • d. Hold can approx. 30cms away from nails and spray evenly across all nails for just 2/3 seconds. (Don’t worry if any touches your skin, it will disappear in seconds.)
  • e. Repeat for each layer of polish including the topcoat.


The Supaset Technology dries manicures in 5-10 mins and pedicures in 15-20mins.  It may even be FASTER than that... it depends on the brand of polish,the thickness of polish, the temperature and all sorts of other things.

Admire your flawless dry nails and face the day!

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Experience days of perfect nails with great shine!

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(Not for use on Gel nails)