The Benefits

The Benefits

The saviour of nail enamel!

With the Ultimate Fix you can achieve the beautiful, long lasting, high shine results that gels give without the potential hassle of gel nails.

Even better, as you can remove with normal nail polish remover and try a new colour for the glam night out!

 Chip Proof ..keeps nails perfect for longer

  Non oily…use on all coats

 For use on all enamel colours, base coats and top coats (BUT NOT GEL)

 UV protection. No discolouration 

no UV

 Easy removal using normal nail polish remover

 Manicures dry in 5-10 minutes (Saving over 15 minutes)

 Pedicures dry in 15-20 minutes (Saving over 30 minutes) more flip flops in the snow!!no more flip flops in snow

 Intoxicating fragrance

 Professional and home use

 Made in the UK

 No CFC’s; Parabens or anything we think is bad for you!